De Cecco Linguine Fini, No. 8

Enriched macaroni product. Cooking time 8 min. Al dente 6 min. The first certified pasta. See back for details. Traditional processing method: Coarse bronze drawing. Slow drying at low temperatures. De Cecco respects the environment from start to finish. De Cecco is a SA8000 certified company. Our quality is an inherited passion. Certified. De Cecco's is the first certified pasta for the distinctive quality of many parameters such as: The selection of the best durum wheat which guarantees a greater firmness of the pasta while cooking. Use of high particle size to preserve the wholeness of the gluten. Kneaded with cold water (under 15 degrees C), that assures a sweeter taste and a better firmness during cooking. Coarse bronze drawing, to give pasta the ideal roughness that makes it adhere perfectly to sauces. For additional delicious recipes please visit us at Made in Italy.