Volvic Spring Water Natural

Emerges from a volcanic ecosystem. 100% recyclable. Our body requires water to function at its best. During its journey through 6 layers of volcanic rocks, Volvic Natural Spring Water acquires its unique mineral composition. 6 layers of volcanic filtration. Trachyandesite. Puzzolana. Basalt. Granite. www.volvic-na.com. Drink 1, Give 10: Volvic already provided 200 million liters of clean safe drinking water to children in Africa. For each liter of Volvic water you purchase (Check for applicable dates at www.drink1give10.com), Volvic will donate 5 cents to selected non-profit organizations. Together we can make a difference. For more information: www.drink1give10.com. Sustainable development is our priority and over the past decade and a half we have already reduced several time the plastic weight of our bottles and are working to continue to do so. All our bottles are partially made with post-consumer recycled plastic (rPET). Please recycle. Bottled at the source. For inquiries or a report on bottled water quality & information: Phone: 1-800-233-6200. Website: www.volvic-na.com. Bottled at the source by Ste Volvic, at Volvic 63530 France. Source: Clairvic Spring, Volvic, France. Product of France.